Crete Hawg Pouring Bucket


  • The Slide Gate System uses "wireless radio control technology" to open/close the air operated slide gate
  • On board air tanks with the appropriate relief valves, tank drain valves, pressure gauge and air supply shut off ball valve
  • On board 12 Volt electrical system
  • On board battery SMART (maintainer) charger
  • On board manual operation valves. (This is a redundant feature if electrical failure of any type should occur)
  • All "Concrete Contact" steel is AR plate. (Abrasion Resistant)
  • "Wear & Spare" parts are in stock for immediate delivery
  • Keeps the operator positioned in a SAFE location. (No climbing required to operate a manual handle)
  • Faster production cycles
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Cubic Yard Capacities are available
  • Custom design CRETE HAWG concrete buckets are available
  • Iron phosphate wash, epoxy primer, and urethane top coat paint

Crete Hawg Brochure

1024 to 1230
992 to 1023
768 to 991
480 to 767
0 to 479