Pipe Tester

NHMF Model 8-84 and 8-144 Conforms to ASTM C497 specifications. Pipe sizes from 12" diameter up to 144" diameter x 8 feet long. Maximum force of 250,000 lbs. and 400,000 lbs.

New Hampton Metal Fab's Three Edge Bearing Testers design uses oversized loading beams to insure that the test you perform on your pipe is true and accurate. The loading beam location pin holes are double reinforced to eliminate wear on the holes and the pins. The testing and measuring equipment is supplied by Forney, Inc., the world leader in material testing equipment. This equipment is easy to run and comes with a digital force indicator-monitor. Testing functions are operated at floor level from the weather resistant enclosure.

Tester Includes:

  • Heavy duty machine frame and components
  • High pressure hydraulic unit and load valve for pipe testing
  • Low pressure hydraulic unit and valves for machine functions
  • Adjustable lower rubber bearing test strips
  • Pipe loading/unloading rails
  • Forney digital force indicator-monitor and testing hydraulic unit are located inside a locking weather resistant console
  • Includes foundation and installation drawings


  • Industrial primer with enamel top coat paint.
  • Iron phosphate wash, epoxy primer, and urethane top coat paint.
  • Roll positioner trolleys with one powered rotation roller.
  • Hydraulic pinning of loading beam position.
  • Pipe Tester

    All controls, high pressure gauges and pumping unit located inside a locking weatherproof console.

    Low pressure hydraulic pump system for testing beam and roll positioner.

    Electric read out with computer printing capabilities. Test information is stored in this unit and can be retrieved by plugging the unit into an office computer and printing the information.

1024 to 1230
992 to 1023
768 to 991
480 to 767
0 to 479